Candle Day

Candle Day

When is Candle Day 2025?

Candle Day

Candle Day is celebrated every year on the first Saturday of December. Candle Day is a lovely way to welcome fall and winter for those who find comfort in the soft light and pleasant aroma of candles, especially during the colder months. Candles, moreover, have hidden powers that can enchant our lives. They can be used for diverse purposes, from a spiritual dinner to a cultural celebration to a quiet night. The purpose of Candle Day is to give candle enthusiasts a day to celebrate the many advantages of using candles.

When is Candle Day?

Candle Day will fall on the first Saturday of December every year.

Candle Day History

A popular American retailer, Bath & Body Works, is credited with creating Candle Day. The first Bath & Body Works store opened in 1990 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Limited Brands is still under the original owners, operating other well-known retail chains like Victoria's Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch. As the name would imply, the company's primary focus is on physical care products. It has expanded rapidly to the point where it operates over 2000 stores globally, with over 1600 of those located in the United States alone.

Bath & Body Works is a well-loved company because it sells an array of high-quality personal care products, including a line for men, in a variety of masculine and feminine fragrances. Sweet pea, Japanese cherry blossom, cucumber melon, and country apple are some of the most well-liked fragrances.

Candles, room sprays, perfumes, and other beauty products abound among these and other popular fragrance lines. Many people look forward to Candle Day because it coincides with some of Bath & Body Works' biggest sales of the year. The tradition of exchanging gifts during Christmas and other winter holidays inspired the creation of Candle Day in 2013. This is an excellent opportunity to stock up on candles in preparation for the upcoming cold winter months.

How to Celebrate Candle Day?

On the occasion of Candle Day, be sure to let your day shine. So let's look out below for some fascinating ideas to celebrate Candle Day.

Celebrate with Fragranced candles

Easy preparation is all that's required for a successful Candle Day celebration. The tempting sales at Bath & Body Works and other retailers give you every reason to stock up. While we all have our go-to fragrances, we should let that allow us to explore other options. The ridiculously low prices mean you can try many different things without breaking the bank. However, on your return home, you should celebrate Candle Day uniquely.

Have a candle light dinner

You could have supper with the family by candlelight or light some candles in your room and take comfort in the peaceful atmosphere created by their calming aroma. Candles, especially those with a cozy and delicious scent, can make any space feel more welcoming and warm. It's lovely to spend the day smelling like a delicious dessert, and fragrances like Champagne Toast, Cinnamon Apple, and Strawberry Pound Cake are perfect for setting the mood.

Visit a physical store to purchase candles

Visit a physical store to take advantage of special Candle Day pricing, or shop online and have your purchases shipped. Every year around this time, the most popular 3-wick candles from the brand are put on sale for a fraction of their regular price. Moreover, you can celebrate it by posting on social media with trending hashtags like #CandleDay or #nationalcandleday.

Why Celebrate Candle Day?

Candles are wonderful, and we use them often. Their scent captivates us, and their aesthetic qualities help us unwind. Burning scented wax in your home is relaxing and comforting, especially after a long day at the office.

Moreover, home life can get a little weird due to factors such as pets, kids, and general day-to-day activities. Especially if your apartment is on the smaller side and doesn't have a lot of windows. Candles are a great way to get rid of the stale odor that can build up in a room over time. The time to do a thorough cleaning would be helpful, though, and that seems impossible to find.

In addition to providing a delightful aroma, a colorful candle displayed on a coffee table or bookcase can serve as a conversation starter and unifying design element. That's why on National Candle Day, go ahead and light some candles and celebrate.

Interesting Facts About Candle Day

  • In 500 B.C., people were already using candles. To survive, people would eat candle wax.
  • The European Union sees an increase in candle production. Poles make more candles than anyone else in the European Union.
  • Whenever lit, a candle shouldn't give off any smoke.
  • Candles with strong fragrances can significantly alter your sense of taste.
  • Candle wax used to be primarily produced from beef fat or beeswax.
  • Some say that putting a candle in the freezer for a few hours before lighting it will burn for much longer. I wish I could say otherwise, but it's not true.
  • Candles are damaged by being frozen because the wax cracks.

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