USPS Holidays

USPS Holidays


Independence Day
Independence Day

Independence Day honors the birthday of the US. On July 4, 1776, the United States claimed its independence from England .....

Labor Day
Labor Day

Labor Day is one of the ten national holidays in the United States. It celebrates on the first Monday of September. Labor .....

Columbus Day
Columbus Day

Columbus Day observed in most states of the United States, a federal holiday commemorating the arrival of Christopher C.....


Year Date Day Holiday
2024 1 Jan Mon New Years Day
2024 15 Jan Mon Martin Luther King Day
2024 19 Feb Mon Washington's Birthday
2024 27 May Mon Memorial Day
2024 4 Jul Thu Independence Day
2024 2 Sep Mon Labor Day
2024 14 Oct Mon Columbus Day
2024 11 Nov Mon Veterans Day
2024 29 Nov Fri Thanksgiving Day
2024 25 Dec Wed Christmas

2024 USPS Services

The USPS is supporting government enterprise and is one of the largest businesses in the United States that has reached every address in the nation. It is the most trusted government agency in the country. People prefer the US Parcel Service to deliver their packages or mail outside the United States or elsewhere.

People choose this because they know that there will be a minimum cost for shipping compared to other courier companies. The USPS is giving the same facilities that other organizations are providing but at a lower cost.

If you are a customer of the United States Parcel Service, you should know that there are some days in the year when this Postal Company does not send any mail (except 'Priority Mail Express Service'). If you are not known about it, then in an emergency you can get into a big problem.

There is a list of post office holidays of 2024. On these days, mail will not be sent or delivered, so plan according to that. It is essential to give full attention to the information provided here. Feel free to use this 2024 USPS / Post Office Holiday Quick Reference Guide that shown above.