Columbus Day

Columbus Day

When is Columbus Day 2025?

columbus day

Columbus Day observed in most states of the United States, a federal holiday commemorating the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the country. Christopher was an Italian explorer who discovered America in October 1492. Columbus Day celebrates on the second Monday in October.

He was born in the year 1451 in Genoa, Italy. Although Columbus had little formal education, he was a dedicated self-educated man, who succeeded all chances to become one of the world's greatest explorers. The meaning of Columbus Day derived from the victory of explorer Christopher Columbus as the first person to discover North America.

Columbus Day started as a festival of Italian-American heritage and was first held in 1869 in San Francisco. Firstly State-wide Columbus day was celebrated in Colorado in 1907. In 1937, Columbus Day was an approved holiday across the United States. After 1971, it has been observed on the second Monday in October.

How do people celebrate Columbus Day?

The Columbus Day has some traditions which observed on this day, include teachings about Christopher Columbus and his journey. In some towns and cities, they arranges parades, special church services, and large events.

The festivities are incomplete without a taste of traditional dance and Italian-American heritage, like Italian music, Italian food, and street fairs with colorful costumes. The day's activities include Pow Wow, lessons about indigenous American culture and traditional dance programs.

The celebrations in New York and San Francisco are especially unique. In Hawaii, Columbus Day observed as Discoverers' Day, but it is not a state holiday. Instead of Columbus Day, many states now celebrate Native Americans' Day or Indigenous People's Day.

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Is Columbus Day a federal holiday?

Columbus Day is a public holiday in various parts of the United States, but some states do not have a holiday. In the US, it is a federal government holiday in 34 states, so offices remain closed in those states. Many shops and businesses are operating as usual in other states, where Columbus Day is not a public holiday. So, Public transportations run on a regular schedule.

Argument Regarding Columbus Day

Many argued that Columbus should not be respected, but rather punished for his activities. They tell that it is because of Columbus that the European colonies arrived in America heading to colonization, the slave trade, and the loss of history and culture of the Native peoples of America.

Which States Do Not Celebrate Columbus Day?

Although Columbus Day celebrated in various parts of the United States, some states do not participate in the celebrations. These include South Dakota, Vermont, Hawaii, Alaska, and Oregon. Alternatively, they commemorate this day with an alternative holiday. For example, Hawaii celebrates it as Discoverer's Day, Vermont calls it Indigenous Day while South Dakota commemorates Native American Day.

Columbus Day Facts

  • In 1906, Colorado was the primary state to officially recognize and commemorate Columbus Day.
  • Christopher Columbus' initial establishment on Hispaniola Island was called Villa de Navidad (Christmas Town).
  • In 1971, the official holiday was proposed to the second Monday in October to provide workers in the US an extended weekend.

Columbus Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 14 Oct Mon Columbus Day
2023 9 Oct Mon Columbus Day
2022 11 Oct Tue Columbus Day
2021 11 Oct Mon Columbus Day
2020 12 Oct Mon Columbus Day
2019 14 Oct Mon Columbus Day

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