Valentines Day

Valentines Day

When is Valentines Day 2025?

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Valentine's Day celebrates on February 14 every year in the USA. It is a festival of romance and love. Many people share love, romance, and kindness with others through offering gifts such as cards, candy, jewelry, and flowers.

Valentine's Day is the most famous festival in youngsters. They Celebrate Valentines Day with great pomp and show. You can see the graphics which are shown below, how much Valentine's Day is famous rather than other holidays.

comparision of valentines day and martin luther king day

Pope Gelasius announced February 14 as St. Valentine's Day at the end of the 5th century, and since then, February 14 has been a day of celebration. The color correlated with St. Valentine's Day is red. Other symbols of this Day are chocolate, Cupid, and heart shape.

Is Valentine’s Day a Federal holiday?

Valentine's Day is not a federal holiday in the USA. All government offices, schools, stores, and other organizations remain open. Public transport systems operate at their regular times. Restaurants can be more bustling than usual because many people go out for dinner with their spouse or partner. Valentine's Day is also a very famous date for marriages.

On this Day, Stores profits may increase as people buy gifts such as flowers, chocolates, jewelry, etc. to present them to their loved ones. Local stores may extend their working hours because the market is more bustling on Valentine's Day.

How People Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Many people celebrate their love by sending cards or letters to their partner, giving presents or flowers, and arranging meals in restaurants or romantic nights in hotels. The most common Valentine's Day presents are Valentine's cards, chocolates, flowers, candy, and champagne or sparkling wine. Valentine's cards embellished with red roses, images of hearts, or Cupid. Some people also arrange lavish gifts, such as jewelry, to present on this occasion. Many restaurants and hotels avail special offers and discounts for the couples at this time and include romantic meals or weekend breaks.

Use hashtag#valentines day on social media to mark this day. Send Happy Valentine's day messages to your friends and relatives. There are some Messages or wishes which you can send to your loved ones.

  • "You are my only dream; you are my life; I want to invest a single second of my life with you."
  • "Friendship is where we started, and marriage is what I want this relation to go. On this Day of Valentine's, I wanna propose you, will you be mine forever?"
  • "I may not be as good looking as you are, but despite that, you are the only one who has showered upon me the endless love without any demands. Thank you for my lovely Valentine. Happy Valentine's Day my Love."
  • "I wish you a happy valentine's day celebration, my friend. You are too a special friend of mine who deserves the best of all love in your life, and you need to celebrate the Day very well."
  • "Life is incomplete without a dear friend, and you are the one who completes me. Sending you warm wishes on the occasion of Valentine's Day! my dear pal."

What is the Symbol of Valentine’s Day?

The most commonly used symbols of Valentine's Day is a heart in red and pink color and drawings or models of Cupid. Cupid usually depicted as a small, winged figure with a bow and arrow. According to faith, he uses his arrows to strike people's hearts. Cupid's arrow struck on them, who fall in love with someone. There are different symbols of Valentine's Day, which are gifts of flowers, red roses, chocolates, and lingerie that couples usually give to each other.

Valentines Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 14 Feb Wed Valentine's Day
2023 14 Feb Tue Valentine's Day
2022 14 Feb Mon Valentine's Day
2021 14 Feb Sun Valentine's Day
2020 14 Feb Fri Valentine's Day
2019 14 Feb Thu Valentine's Day

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February 14, 2025

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