Lailat Al Baraah

Lailat Al Baraah

When is Lailat Al Baraah 2021?

Lailat al Baraah Quran

The Lailat-ul Barat is an essential night for the Muslims and also popularly known as Shab-e-Barat. It is regarded as one of the most sacred nights on the Islamic calendar. Lailat means night, and Barat relates to Privilege. It is believed, God himself blesses all human beings and accumulates all of us in his eternal mercy. Lailat al Barat takes place in the middle of the month of Sha'ban, one month before Ramadan.

The night starts on the 14th and ends at dawn on the 15th of Sha'ban. Muslims recommended a fast of at least six days of this month. According to Islamic tradition, Prophet Muhammad fasted more in Sha'ban than in any other months.

How do people celebrate Lailat al Barat?

Lailat al Barat celebrates a night that Muslims believe God descends from heaven and forgives sins very generously. For this reason, Muslims spend the night in special prayers, reciting from the Holy Qur'an, and perform other religious rituals, hoping to receive divine blessings for the well-being of humanity.

On this night, most Muslims try to stay awake in prayer as much as possible. Many people will fast on the day next to Laylat al Barat. It is a tradition to visit the graves of their loved ones and pray for the peace of their souls.

Lailat Al Baraah Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2022 18 Mar Fri Lailat al Bara'ah
2021 28 Mar Sun Lailat al Bara'ah
2020 21 Apr Tue Lailat al Bara'ah
2019 20 Apr Sat Lailat al Bara'ah

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March 28, 2021

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This Year Friday, 18 Mar, 2022
Last Year Sunday, 28 Mar, 2021
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